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Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

Did you know you can get specialized insurance for your off-road vehicles just like for your car? When you’re not worried about insurance coverage, you can give your all to having fun out on the links and the trails.

Off-road vehicle insurance covers golf carts, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), dirt bikes, dune buggies, snowmobiles, and other motorsports vehicles.

Your off-road vehicles are usually not covered by your regular home or auto policies. Additionally, if you want to drive your off-road vehicle on state or national park property, you will need to have it insured correctly.

You can reduce the cost of your off-road vehicle insurance if you keep your overall driving record clean. If you have claims on your regular auto insurance policy for things that are your fault, or if you have driving record violations, like speeding tickets, your rates could go up. If you insure your dirt bike, your golf cart, and your snowmobile with the same carrier, you can also reduce your costs.

While every policy is unique, most off-road vehicle policies generally cover similar situations:

  1. Damage to your vehicle when you have a collision with a stationary object or another vehicle.
  2. Damage to another person’s property while in/on your off-road vehicle.
  3. Injuring someone while driving your off-road vehicle.
  4. Vandalism, theft, or fire.

We want you to enjoy your time outdoors with your off-road vehicle. As an independent agency, we’ll help you find the right insurance policy that lets you rest easy knowing you have the coverage you need.